8 tips for maintaining your electric unicycle

Here are our tips for maintaining your electric unicycle, whatever the brand. And we could extend these tips to electric scooters too! By following this routine, you can optimise the life of your vehicle.

Tip 1: Inflate your tyres
First of all, check the condition and pressure of your tyres regularly. Good tyre pressure and condition will have an impact on a number of things, including range, comfort and the way your wheel handles.
But be careful: over-inflating your tyre will affect the handling of your wheel, and under-inflation can affect the algorithm and make your rim vulnerable.
To find your optimum tyre pressure, take into account your weight and the type of use you make of your wheel.

Tip 2: Avoid shocks
Take care of your wheel! Take it easy when you go down the stairs and avoid crashing into walls (you never know)!
Don’t forget that your wheels aren’t made for freestyle or off-road riding – even if we love it, you run a high risk of damaging them.
It’s better to have one wheel for each use, rather than one wheel for everything.

Tip 3: Wheel covers, cleaning and inspection
As a reminder, protective covers are available on our site.
Steps to maintain and protect your wheel:

  • Protect your wheel with a cover
  • Change the pedal grip if necessary
  • Check the play on your trolley
  • Check the external bolts and nuts, which can loosen with vibration

Tip 4: The battery
Do not charge to 100%.
To extend the life of your battery, take care not to charge it to 100%.
A full charge is required approximately every 10 cycles.

Tip 5: The battery
Don’t discharge it to 100%.
As with charging, the battery should not be fully discharged.
In other words: don’t break down!
Your wheel will start tilting before it is fully discharged.
If you’re going to be away for a long time, make sure you leave at least half a charge.

Tip 6: The battery
Limit the heating of the battery
As far as possible, always let your wheel cool down for at least 30 minutes after use, before charging it!

Tip 7: Humidity
Moisture is your wheel’s enemy! We could sum it up with this equation: “electricity + humidity = danger”.
So avoid riding in the rain, in water or taking baths with your wheel (again, you never know!).
IPxx standards refer to water splashes, but no wheel is 100% waterproof.
If a shower comes your way, leave your wheel upright to allow as much moisture and dirt as possible to escape. Avoid snow and mud too! This could prevent the moisture from evaporating properly.

Tip 8: The instructions
It may seem obvious, but… read the instructions carefully before you use it for the first time! That way you’ll have all the information you need about your electric unicycle.

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